How To Play

Load up Bogglex.exe. The status bar will display 'Game setup.'


Click Edit -> Options and select a dictionary.

  • Aona Service Dictionary uses WordNet 2.0 to validate words and provide definitions, but may not feature some words considered valid.
  • Optimistic dictionary accepts all words, but doesn't provide definitions.
  • Slow Optimistic Dictionary is simply present for testing purposes at the moment.

To start a game, use Ctrl+S or File -> Start Game. The board will shuffle and the timer will start ticking. The status bar will display 'Game in progress.'


Type as many words as you can find in the grid as quick as possible before time runs out. You can end the game by using Ctrl+E or File -> End Game. Once time has run out, the status bar will read 'Game ending...' until all words have been validated.


The game will then return to the setup state, and you can review the words you came up with.

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