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Installation is a simple xcopy. Simply download the Bogglex zip file via the 'Download' button from the home page at and extract the contents to a location of your choice. Double click Bogglex.exe to run the application.

See instructions on How To Play.


Current features include:
  • Working single player Boggle game.
  • Dictionaries provide word validation/definitions.
    • Aonaware/WordNet 2.0.
    • Optimistic dictionary accepting all words.

In the near future Bogglex will have:
  • A prettier UI.
  • Clickable letters (as opposed to typing in words manually).
  • Word highlighting.
  • Persisted user settings.
  • Customisable time limit.
  • Customisable die sets.

In the far future, Bogglex may get:
  • Multiplayer

Technical Details

As stated on the home page, Bogglex is developed using C# Express 2010, WPF, NUnit 2.5.9, Moq, PartCover and probably more. The project started out to see if I could do it. It's here more for the source control rather than for others to benefit from it, but if you like it, I guess that's a plus!

The code/project structure has been designed with the following primarily in mind:
  • Code/architecture is simple to understand.
  • Easy to unit test (~90% coverage of core classes).

Take a look at the code if you fancy. I'd appreciate any comments, suggestions or constructive criticism.

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